Local Clubs, Meetings & Groups

Activities & Events in the Local Area


  • Marchwood Luncheon Club: Church Hall, Marchwood. 12 noon
  • Coffee Morning: Dibden Purlieu Methodist Church Hall, North Road 10 a.m.
  • Phoenix Club: Social activities & companionship. Fenwick 2, Lyndhurst. 1.30 pm 3.30pm. Contact Gael Clements: 02380667080 (Donation of up to £3 welcomed) http://www.scagroup.co.uk/index.php/fenwick/
  • Age Concern New Forest East Lunch Clubs: Totton 02380841199 http://www.ageconcernnfe.ik.com/p_Services.ikml#sbt7


  • Age Concern New Forest East Lunch Clubs: Totton 02380841199 http://www.ageconcernnfe.ik.com/p_Services.ikml#sbt7
  • Golden Age: United Reform Church, Hythe. Every other week 2pm-4pm
  • Oasis Group: New Hope Centre, Holbury.  11.45 lunch/1-2pm entertainment. Contact Jill Evans 02380894294
  • U3A: Dibden Purlieu. 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month. Contact Mrs Cheyne 02380844113 http://www.newforestu3a.hampshire.org.uk/programme.htm


  • Chinwaggers: Social afternoon bingo and cups of tea etc.  trips are arranged at an extra cost of £3.00: 02380874364
  • Hythe 2000 Luncheon Club: St John’s Hall. 2 course lunch - £3.50. 02380844336
  • Friendship Club: (Hythe) 2.00 – 3.30pm: Red Cross Hut. Contact Mrs Brown 02380847264
  • Friends: Marchwood Village Hall. 10am
  • Scrabble Club: St John’s Hall, Hythe. 1pm


  • Evergreens: St John’s Church Hall, Hythe 1st & 3rd Thursday of very month 2pm
  • Thursday Lunch Club: Methodist Church Hall, Dibden Purlieu. 12.15-15.30pm Contact 02380844906/02380893472
  • Coffee Morning: Marchwood Church Hall, 10am
  • Pelican Club: Social activities & companionship. Totton Community Centre. 1.30pm 3.30pm. Contact Gael Clements 02380667080 (Donation of up to £3 welcomed) http://www.cfnf.org.uk/Content/News_and_Events/News/2010/january/The_Pelican_Club.html
  • Sewing Group Marchwood Village Hall
  • Tinnitus Support Group - 2nd Thursday of each month (except August) at Lyndhurst Community Centre, Oak Room.  2.30 - 4.00 pm.  www.nftinnitus.co.uk
  • U3A Masonic Hall. Lexby Road, Totton, SO40 9HD (close to the Heritage Centre, Eling). 3rd Thursday of every month 2.30pm – 4.30pm Contact Celia Turner, Secretary on 02380867023
  • Young at heart, Jubilee Hall, Fawley 1.30-3.30pm


  • Totton & District 3 Score Club: Library Road, Totton.  Coffee morning 9am-11.30am



  • Age Concern New Forest East lunch Clubs: Hythe 02380841199

Enquire for further information:

  • Totton & District 3 Score Club: Library Road, Totton, open for various activities/holidays and events throughout the week. Membership £7 per annum. 02380865355
  • Hythe Community Centre 02380844074
  • Topaz Group: Lunedale Road, Dibden Purlieu 2-4pm; Peter 02380891721
  • Club Hampshire St Andrews Hall, Dibden Purlieu.  Edward Ingleton 01962 877772

Walking for Health

You will need to book with us for all future walks & provide a contact number each week. This information will be placed on a weekly register which we have to keep for 3 weeks in case of ‘Track & Trace’. After which, it will be shredded. You will also be asked to choose between a one hour walk and a shorter, possibly half hour walk, when booking, so we can provide adequate walk leaders for each group. This information will be on every weekly email from us.

If we have more than 30 walkers, including leaders on the one hour walk, then we will need to split into two groups. You will be given the option to select your group BUT you will be advised to stay within that group, otherwise we could be breaking the law and may end up having to suspend the walks again!

If you are unwell on the day, then, in line with Government rules, PLEASE do not come on the walk as you could put other people at risk.

We ask that you wear a face covering whilst meeting in the car park before the walk, as social distancing may not be so easy, especially when registering for the walk. This is not compulsory, just a request. Wearing a face covering whilst walking is an individual choice. Please observe social distancing guidelines when walking!

Please bring a hand sanitizer with you on all walks as we may need to go through gates. We aim to avoid all walks with stiles currently!


Walking for Health.pdf