Friends of Lyndhurst Surgery (FOLS)

Friends Of Lyndhurst Surgery (FOLS) - Registered Charity No 1014905

Since its inception in 1994 FOLS has raised £100,000 and spent it on equipment not provided by the NHS for GP surgeries. The use of this equipment has already saved many patients both the stress and expense of journeys to the hospital.

You can help us to continue to enhance the care we receive from our surgery by joining FOLS Circle of Friends. You could make an annual gift or a single donation. If you are interested in this please contact the surgery. We are able to provide BACS information for patients that wish to make a donation. 

With continued help from all of us, we can ensure that the Surgery remains one of the best equipped Surgeries in the area.

In order to help us continue with the funding, please support us in our Community Events.

Dave Wilson, Chairman.

24 hour Blood Pressure Monitors

FOLS have purchased 2 new 24 hour BP monitors in the last 18 months costing £1200 each.  Every time a patient uses a monitor 4 new AA quality batteries are required to ensure the monitor functions efficiently throughout the 24 hour period.

A patient’s blood pressure is taken at regular intervals over a 24-hour period while they continue with their normal daily activities.

The surgery nurse fits an inflatable cuff around the arm.  The cuff is connected to a small monitor that stores the test results and is attached to a belt around the patient’s body.  This cuff will inflate at regular intervals during the day and night and the patient is asked to return to the surgery the following day to have the monitor removed.

Why do we need 24 hour blood pressure monitoring?

It is normal for blood pressure to change during the day as it responds to anxiety, exercise, sleep or any blood pressure medication that you may be taking.  Therefore taking a single blood pressure measurement in the surgery is not always a very accurate way to check your blood pressure.

The NHS does not provide 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitors.

Please help us to continue to assist our Doctors provide the best possible care for patients of Lyndhurst Surgery.